We create a menu with you to best suit the style of food and sense of occasion you want. Food can either be plattered for sharing and grazing, or served individually. We can arrive with your food ready to eat, set it up and leave you to it, or we can prepare and serve at your location.

Minimum total spend on food only: $1800.

Typical spend per head on food only, depending on the menu we create for you:

2 courses: $45-70 
3 courses: $65-85 
4 courses: $80-120

There’s an additional expense for on-site wait staff/chef and hired items such as plates, glassware, and cooking equipment.

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Sample Tailored Menus

tailored menu image


Spanish style food: Canapes to start, and paella main course. Casual, mingling about.

Food to be prepared and served on site by the chef using paella pans.


  • Prawn and chorizo skewers with smoked paprika, garlic, and lime
  • Sumac, lemon, and garlic chicken skewers
  • Maize flour and lemon thyme fritters with roast pepper relish and lightly pickled vegetables

Main course: Paella cooked in and served from paella pans.

  • Garlic and paprika seared octopus, chorizo, capsicum, herbs and lemon
  • Slow-cooked beef spiced with cayenne pepper, coriander seeds, and juniper berries, with zucchini, herbs and lemon
  • Vegetarian: Saffron threads, cinnamon preserved lemon, sauteed zucchini and capsicum, heirloom tomatoes, herbs
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*All guests are plant based, one is gluten free, one allergic to nuts, and one is pregnant**

Mains: Served down the middle of the table.

  • Grilled corn on the cob baked in spices and finished with fresh herbs and lime
  • Charred cauliflower with coriander seed and sumac, served on puffed quinoa and pepitas
  • Roasted eggplant with pomegranate glaze and fresh coriander, served on toasted chickpeas
  • Baked sweet potato with caramelised coconut cream
  • Polenta crusted teriyaki marinated tofu
  • Orange, fennel and celery slaw with orange blossom water dressing
  • Lemon zested zucchini ribbons with marjoram and lemon thyme


  • Harissa
  • Tamarind and Korean pepper dipping sauce
  • Chimichurri

Dessert: Served down the middle of the table.

  • Beetroot chocolate cake with hibiscus and rose vegan buttercream
  • Rhubarb and plum tart
  • Spiced and sweetened coconut yoghurt
  • Raspberry and kaffir lime compote