Christmas Feast
Christmas Feast

Christmas Feast

Plattered Salad

Choice of:

  • Green beans, dry roasted black turtle beans, flaked almonds, broccoli pesto [gf, vg]
  • Mango, chilli, ginger, lime, wombok, carrot, vermicelli noodles [gf, vg]
  • Burghul wheat, pomegranate, raspberries, barberries, walnuts, lemon thyme, parsley [vg]


Plattered warm veg

Choice of:

  • Roast pumpkin wedges with nutmeg and cinnamon [gf, vg]
  • Roast potatoes with confit garlic and rosemary [gf, vg]
  • Roast sweet potato, beetroot, and red onion with herbs and lemon [gf, vg]


Plattered Meat

Choice of:

  • Cranberry, walnut and cinnamon roast turkey. (gf, df)
  • Confit pork belly with ginger and chilli chutney glaze (gf, df)
  • Slow cooked beef brisket with chimichurri sauce (gf, df)
  • Chicken breast with lemon, fresh herbs, and black pepper (gf, df)


Box of cookies

Choice of:

  • Christmas shortbreads with lemon, lime, and hibiscus
  • Christmas spiced Graham crackers

Table setting additions Unlimited